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Plc Band Knife Splitting Machine

Zilkova ADD
  • Place: China


  • this Machine Is Suitable For Leather Products Industry Up To Wide 420 Mm Thick 8 Mm For The Hard & Soft Hide, To Slice Well Until The Required Thickness Equipment. It Can Be Freely Adjusted The Piece Cut Thickness To Improve The Product Quality & Strengthen The Market Competitive Power.
  • features: Digital Display To The Piece Cut Thickness; Feeding Speed Freely.
  • a Single Handle Sharpening Device And Activate The Automatic Control Device.
  • automatic Feed Positioning Device, Do Not Need To Adjust The Cutting Tool.
  • automatic Adjustment Tool Pressure Knife Plate Gap That The Blade Cut A Higher Precision.
  • automatic Dedication System Of Electronic Phase.
  • automatic Pause System Works When Leather Material Entangles.
  • independent Scurfy Aspiration Device.
  • freestanding Fraying Absorbing And Knife Grinding Dust Absorbing.
  • big Flywheel Make Knife Operation More Stability And Precision.
  • 2830/3570 Mm Specialty Knife Durable, Economical And Practical. To Reduced Operating Costs.
  • accurate Rail To Move The Flywheel Reliably. Easy To Replace The Sword Quickly & Convenient.
  • the Appropriate Desk Height Design To Reduce The Tire Of Labour Operation.

mechanical Parts Always Being Lubricated.