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Oxford Fashion Shoes

  • Company Name : Avon Shoes
  • Registration Date : October 10, 2014
  • CountryRegion : India
  • City : Dewas
  • Contact : Mr Anil Kumar
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Zilkova ADD
  • Place: India


he Oxford Is Characterized By Closed Lacing, A Low Heel And A Low Cut That Exposes The Ankle. Every Oxford Contains These Three Characteristics, And There Are A Few Different Styles:

the Plain Oxford Doesn't Have Any Intricate Piecing Or Perforation. Its Simplicity Makes It A Good Choice As A Formal Evening Shoe. A Plain Oxford Made With Black Patent Leather Is Appropriate For Ablack Tie Event. Some Plain Oxford Shoes Are Brown Or Other Shades Of Polished Leather, But You Will Almost Always Find Them In Black.