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Men Brogue Shoe

  • Company Name : Shu Tech
  • Registration Date : March 3, 2017
  • CountryRegion : India
  • City : Noida
  • Contact : Mr Rajeev Katyal
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Zilkova ADD
  • Place: India


the Outsole Is The Layer In Direct Contact With The Ground. Dress Shoes Often Have Leather Or Resin Rubber Outsoles; Casual Or Work -oriented Shoes Have Outsoles Made Of Natural Rubber Or A Synthetic Material Like Polyurethane. The Outsole May Comprise A Single Piece, Or May Be An Assembly Of Separate Pieces, Often Of Different Materials. On Some Shoes, The Heel Of The Sole Has A Rubber Plate For Durability And Traction, While The Front Is Leather For Style. Specialized Shoes Will Often Have Modifications On This Design: Athletic Or So Called Cleated Shoes Like Soccer, Rugby, Baseball And Golf Shoes Have Spikes Embedded In The Outsole To Improve Traction.