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Leather Splitting Machine

Zilkova ADD
  • Place: India


this Machine Is Applicable To Splitting And Layering Nonmetal Materials Such As Genuine Leather , Artifical Leather Etc. The Microcomputer Controlled Displaying System Can Correctly Display Various Parameters Under The Working Status At Any Time . The Feeding Speed Is Adjust By The Stepless  frequency Converter With Wide Rango So As To Achieve The Ideal Splitting Quality And Gurantee  even And Flat Splitting Thickness . The Splitting Machine Thickness Is Adjustable And The Thickness Is Digitally Displayes Which Is Accurate And Convenient . It Is Allocated With Automatic Knife Griding Mechanisam , When The Width Of The Bank Knife Is Less Than The Value As Required The Automatic Display And Alarm Will Be Made . The Motor Can\\\'t Be Started When Any Of The Doors And Cob=vers Is Not Fully Closed Or The Material Buckets Is Too Full . The Knife Grinding Powder And Mechanism Waste Can Be Absorbed By Dust Collection System So As To Improve The Working Enviroment .