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Women Footwear
Clogs, Dress shoes, Boots, Casual shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Other women footwear,
Children Footwear
Boots, Casual shoes, Dress shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Clogs, Other kids footwear, Baby shoes,
Mens Footwear
Boots, Casual shoes, Dress shoes, Sandals, Slippers, Clogs, Other men footwear,
Footwear Materials
PU-PVC-Synthetic Leather, CoatedFabrics-Textile-Fur, PVC-Nylon Sheets and Materials, Rubber-EVASheets and Materials, PU Raw Materials, TPR-TPU Raw Materials, Linings-Interlinings-Reinforcements, NonWooven-LaminatedMaterials, InsoleBoard-ToePuff-CounterSheets, Footwear Finishing,
Footwear Components
Ready Unit Soles-Acessories, PreMoulded Insoles-MidSoles, ShoeUppers and Parts, MouldedSolesTPR-PU-PVC-Rubber, PreMoulded ToePuff-Counters, Heels-Wedges and Parts, Other Components,
Footwear Accessories
Linings-Fusing-Backers, Decorations-Ornamentals, Threads and Cords, SteelToe-SteelPlate-Shanks, Eyelets-Rivets-Hooks-DRings, Tapes-Ribbons-Nets-Loops, Zippers-Fasteners-Buttons, Laces, Buckles-Metal Fittings, Elastics-Velcro, Polishes, Labels-Tags-Stickers, Cushion-Padding-Mesh, Stamping Foil,
Sports Footwear
Basket Ball Shoes, Football Shoes, Cricket Shoes, Golf Shoes, Racing Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Jogging shoes, Other sports shoes, Riding boots, Running shoes, Climbing boots, Skating shoes,
Defense and Security Footwear
Military Footwear, Police Footwear, Security Forces Footwear, Fire Fighting Shoes, Other Type Defense Shoes, Para Military Footwear,
Safety and Protective Footwear
Safety Footwear, Protective Footwear, Occupational Footwear, Mining and Petroleum Shoes, Other Special Purpose Shoes,
Canvas Footwear
PT Shoes, Jungle Boots,
PVC Footwear
PVC Shoes, PVC Slippers,
Rubber Footwear
EVA footwear, Rubber Belly, Hawai Chappals,
Footwear Making Machines
Cutting Machines-Accessories, Stamping-Embossing-Marking, Splitting-Skiving-Preparation, Sewing Machines and Acessories, Upper Processing Machines, Insole Processing Machines, Lasting-Making-Assembly, OutSole Processing Machines, Heat Setting-Drying-Chillers, Bottom Processing Machines, Conveyors and Transporters, Ironing-Pounding-Reactivator, Finishing-Packing Machines, PVC Injection Moulding M/cs, Design and Development M/cs, PU Injection Moulding M/cs, Rubber Processing Machines, Vulcanising Machines, Testing-Measurement-Inspection , Special Purpose Machines, Footwear Repairing Machines, Other Footwear Machines, Leather Processing Machines, Used and ReBuilt Machines, Leather Goods Making Mc, Tannery Machines,
Chappals and Horrachies
Hurrachies, Chappals,
Adhesives and Chemicals
PU-TPU-TPR Adhesive, Neoprene Adhesive, Rubber-Latex Adhesive, Hot Melt-Spray Adhesive, Special Adhesive, MEK-Silicon-Solvent-Primer-Hardner, Halogens-Sealants-Lubricants, Rubber Chemicals, Dies-Pigments-Inks,
Flip Flops
Platform FlipFlops, PVC FlipFlops, WedgeFlipFlops,
Footwear Design Services
Pattern Making-Grading, Product Design-Development, CAD-CAM-3D Design, Costing-Documentation, Project Management,
Agents and Consultants
Men Footwear Agents, Women Footwear Agents, Kids Footwear Agents, consultant,
Footwear Processing Services
Knitting-Weaving, Printing - Embossing,
Footwear Packaging
Box, Carton, Polybags, Tissue Paper, Shoe Lift, Adhesive Tape, Labels and Tags, Wooden Packaging, Strappings, Other Packaging,
Sheep Leather, Goat Leather, Cow Leather, Pig Leather, Buffalo Leather, Garment Leather, Upholstery Leather, Suede and Nubuck, Raw Leather, Other Type Leather,
Colors and Finishes
Cream, Spray, colors, Wax,
Training and Testing
Education-Training-Reasearch, Testing-Inspection-Quality , Associations-Organisations, Other Service Providers,
I T Solutions
Business Software Services, Web Promotion Services, Computor Hardware Services, Security and HRD Solution, Stock Management, Selling and Retail Networking, Internet Marketing, Computer Stationary, Mobile Applications,
Shipping and Transportation
Air Cargo, Sea Cargo, Rail and Road Cargo, Custom Clearance, Logistics-Warehousing, Shipping Agents, Freight Forwarding,
Business Services
Advertising, Insurance, Travel Services, Financial and Tax Services, Corporate and Legal Services, License and Certification , Labour and Employment , Security and Protection, Repair and Maintenance, Forex Services, Courier Services, Trade Services,
Industrial Supplies
Abrasives, Air Dryers, Bearings-Bushes, Boilers and Spares, Brushes and bristles, Nuts-Bolts-Screws, Chains-Clips-Clamps, Belts-Fasteners-Coils, Dies-Jigs-Fixtures, Chilling Plant-Cooling Tower, Castings, Industrial Clutches, Engine Spares, Fibre Glass Products, Gasket and Seals, Gear Boxes, Hoses-Tubes-Pipes, Hardware and Tools, Pneumatic Products, Pumps, Springs and Washers, Engineering Goods, Hydraulic Products, Measurement and Meters, Refrigeration Items, Welding Products, Vacuum Equipments, Chemicals and Paints, Electrical Supplies, Safety Goods, Furniture-Fixtures, Printing-stationary,
Machine Parts and Consumables
Mechanical Spares Parts, Electrical Spare Parts, Pneumatic Spare Parts, Hydraulic Spare Parts, Sewing Dept McParts, Cutting Dept Mc Parts, Sole Processing Mc Parts, Insole Processing Mc Parts, Lasting Dept Mc Parts, Finishing Dept Mc Parts, Injection Moulding Mc Parts, Rubber Processing Mc Parts, Leather Processing Mc Parts, Various Machine Parts, Oils-Greases-Lubricants, Machine Brushes, Machine Needles, Band-Bell-Cutting-OtherKnife, Grinding Stones, McTrimmers-Blades-Cutters, Abrasive Products, Electric Heaters, Machine Wheels, Shoe Nails-Staples-Tacks, Feed Rollers, Hot Melt Adhesive,
School and Uniform Shoes
School Shoes, Office Shoes, Hospital Shoes, Hotel and Aviation, Other Uniform Shoes,
Tools and Equipments
Machine Tools, Production Tools, Hand Tools, Lasts-Moulds-Dies, Material Handling Equipment, Cooling-Heating Equipment, Cutting-Drilling Tools, Clamps-Vises, Marking Tools, Hydraulic Equipment, Pneumatic Equipment, Testing Equipment, Welding Equipment,
Leather Garments
Leather Jackets, Leather Long Coats, Leather Pants-Shorts, Leather Waist coats-Shirts, Industrial Leather Garments, Others ( Leather Garments ),
Leather Goods
Hand Crafted Leather Items, Leather Hand Bags, Leather Belts,Caps,Ties, Leather Toys, Leather Covers and Holders, Pouches, Purses, Wallets, Leather Upholstery, Travel and Luggageware, Pet Accessories, Portfolio and Briefcases, Other Leather Goods, Leather Gloves,
Harness and Saddlery
Harness, Saddles- Briddles, Others (Saddlery Harness),