Help & FAQ's

Welcome to Help & FAQs. This section aims at assisting visitors with information on the marketplace, its Features, Benefits and how to use the Services offered.

General Questions

What is ftm?

FTM is the B2B marketplace for footwear and related industry that facilitates online trade between buyers and sellers from all around the world. FTM holds member database of suppliers and buyers from all over the world. FTM is a trusted site for footwear trade community.

Who are the main users of ftm?

The main users of ftm are both sellers as well as buyers. Ftm serves to buyers and sellers by providing them important tools, services, and resources to manage and grow their business. Ftm is useful for any company, which is interested to expand its business globally.

For Sellers, Manufacturers and Exporters

Sellers can find new buyers easily and effectively by using ftm services. Sellers can post their product catalogs, post a selling leads, and can also search for new buyers and send them inquiries.

For Buyers and Importers

For buyers ftm services are totally free of cost. Buyers can find new and reliable suppliers from all over the world. Buyers can post their buying leads; and search for new sellers matching their product areas and send inquiries to them.

How can I maximize business opportunities using ftm?

ftm provides you best ways to market your product globally and in turn helps you to get new inquiries from the potential buyers. It provides you an easy and powerful trading platform to create and explore new business opportunities, 24x7x365, all around the world. Moreover, it gives you invaluable tools, services, and resources to make your business stand out and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Marketing and Selling

How often is Global Buyers Database updated?

Global Buyers Database is ever expanding and it gets updated every day. New buyers from different countries and dealing in different product categories are added every month in the global buyer’s database to make it more relevant and up-to-date.

What are the tips on getting buyer's confidence?

Please read following tips that can help you gain buyers confidence: First of all, while posting your company profile, please enter correct and full details of your company along with contact information. Try to highlight, all the positive strengths like your product features, market expertise, buyers reference etc. Also, always post your selling leads and products catalogs with detailed information and images. While sending inquiries to the buyers, always try to provide clear and specific information. Check your contact information frequently and update your company and product information at least once a week. Please check your inbox regularly and give prompt reply to all the incoming inquiries.

Where can I find buyers information matching my industry?

You can find buyers’ information on "Buying Leads" and "Companies" menu. you also get access to FTM’s global buyer database + global companies from all over the world.

How can I add a product image in my product details?

"Posting a Product image is very easy and simple. Please follow these steps to post a product image related to your product description.

1. Sign-in to your FTM account

2. Go to "MyFTM"

3. Click " Products/services page"

4. Click "Add a new product" and input all your product information

5. Click "choose file/Upload Image" button and post your product image. (only gif or jpg format)"

How can I add a product image in my selling lead?

You can advertise to buyers around the world by posting your selling leads on the FTM message board. Please follow these steps to add a product image in your selling leads.

1. Sign-in to your FTM account

2. Go to ""MyFTM""

3. Click "My Selling Request" in ""Seller Tools""

4. Select the catogegory List and complete the description box

5. Add your product image. (JPG or GIF format only. Max 300kb). And click on confirm selling Request

Member registration and sign in

I am a seller. What benefits will I get by becoming FTM member?

FTM is the market place for footwear products and related services.. It’s the best online platform to promote your products to the global market. Here's your chance to sell your shoe products to the big global market! FTM provides valuable services and e-marketing tools for sellers to grow their business. The registered sellers can create their own home Page, post their product catalogs, post selling leads, and send reply to buyers inquiries. FTM services help sellers to attract overseas buyers with minimum cost and effort and help them to make their daily business more easy and successful.

Display your Product Catalogues

The FTM membership service allows you to post product catalogues with detailed product descriptions on your personal, easy–to–manage web. Displaying your products to a global audience couldn’t be easier — just upload images from your computer, add a description and you’re all done!

Never miss a sales opportunity with Trade Alert

With our Trade Alert service, you don't need to spend time searching for buyers! Once you choose/subscribe to Trade Alerts, you will get instant email notification about all the buying leads in your chosen product categories.

Easily manage your Trade Inquiries

You can manage your trade inquiries very easily and effectively. Using Inquiry tool you can respond to buyers inquiries, send them quotes, and keep all your trade mails at your fingertips.

Let buyers come to you

No need to wait for buyers to find you—just post your selling offer on our trade bulletin board, visited by thousands of buyers from all around the world, every day.

Promote your Company Worldwide

The registered sellers can create their own home Page, post their product catalogs, post selling leads, and send reply to buyers inquiries. FTM services help sellers to attract overseas buyers with minimum cost and effort and help them to make their daily business more easy and successful.

After I submit the registration form, how many days it will take to activate my account?

You can login to your account immediately after membership registration. But your information will be uploaded on FTM Site and will be searchable by other users only after data approval by our content editors. The approval procedures normally take 24 hours.

If you don’t see your details on the FTM website even after 3-4 days, it means that your details are disapproved by our content editors, and you will see a pop up message regarding that when you login to your FTM account.

My registration got denied. Why? Once you submit your company information, FTM content editors review that information before publishing it on FTM site. Company information can be approved or denied by FTM content editors because of inadequate information like incomplete or wrong postal address, telephone/fax number, e-mail address, company description etc. So, please always enter complete, up-to-date, and correct information about your company so that FTM data editors should easily approve it.

In case, your company details gets disapproved by FTM content editors, you will see a pop up message regarding that whenever you login to your FTM account.

I am a buyer. What benefits will I get if I register as FTM member ?

Save Time and Money with FTM free online tools for buyers.

Find what you're searching for on the Web's Footwear B2B e-marketplace. FTM preserves and manages the Web's Footwear product database from hundreds of thousands of suppliers, which means a greater chance of finding your required product. So whatever you are sourcing, make your first choice for all your footwear related sourcing needs.

Contact suppliers directly

Let suppliers come to you

If you don’t have time to search for suppliers, let them come to you! Post a buying offer on the offer board and just wait for replies from number of sellers matching your interest area.

How can I cancel my membership?

In case you don’t want to continue getting numerous FTM benefits and want to cancel your membership, please send us your Member-ID/Password with the short reason for cancellation, and we will cancel your membership as per your request .

How can I change my member ID?

Once you have created a new member-id it is not possible to change your Member ID. However, you can create a new ID by re-registering as a free member and deleting your earlier account. So, if you'd like to register again as a new member, please inform us via email to delete your old membership account before completing registration form.

How can I modify my profile?

Modifying your company profile is very easy. To modify your company information, please follow these steps:

1) Login to your FTM account

2) Go to "MyFTM"

3) Click "Company Info"

4) Modify your information and click "Post" button

Will you keep my personal information confidential?

Yes, your account information and profile details are totally protected and will always be kept confidential as mentioned in FTM’s Privacy policy. We recommend that you do not give away or reveal your password to anyone. FTM team will never ask you for your password in an unsolicited e-mail or phone call. Also, always remember to sign out of your account and close your browser window when you have finished your session.

But you should also be aware that data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network couldn’t be fully guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we try to protect your personal information, we cannot ensure or guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us and you do so at your own risk. (For detailsclick here)

What shall I do if I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, please click onForgot Passwordlink on the Signup page and enter your e-mail address that you submitted during registration process. Your username and password will be emailed to this address immediately.

What shall I do if I have forgotten my member ID?

If you have forgotten your member ID, please send your company name, e-mail address and postal address to FTM customer support team "Contact Us". After verification of your company details we will send your account details to your e-mail address.

Sourcing and Buying

Where can I find sellers' information?

You can search or browse for sellers in "Product Catalogs", "Selling Leads" and "Company Directory"

1) Search by Keyword: Write the keyword you are looking for on the search box and choose one of the given options among Product, Selling lead, or Companies and click ""Search"". If you know right keywords about products or companies you are looking out for than keyword search is a good and easy way to get quick results.

2) Browse by Categories: You can also browse major categories and sub categories under each of the Products, Selling leads, and Companies menu.

How many buying leads can I post?

There is no limit to number of buying leads that can be posted, irrespective of your membership type.

What shall I do, if there are no matching products that I want to find?

If you are unable to find matching Products under "Product catalogues" then please also try to find seller’s information related to your requirement under "Selling Leads" as well as "Companies" menu. If you still cannot find the interested product, please post your Buying Leads in "MyFTM" to get reply from interested suppliers.

While searching for any product, I get so many results. How can I choose the best result?

We cannot advise about any particular company and cannot guarantee the credentials and quality of products offered by the company either. But we recommend you to get detailed information of product or service from the seller. You can also check the seller credentials before placing the order.